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When did klaus and hayley hookup

Published: 29.01.2017

Instead, she expects Marcel to leave with her. This provokes a hostile reaction in Caroline, who then confronts Klaus with all the bad he's done killing Tyler's mother, killing Elena's aunt Jenna , insinuating that his charm could not make them forget these terrible actions. Hayley has been taken to St.

In a later scene, Hayley was seen sitting near Klaus on the bed, putting on her bra after a night of hooking up. While Klaus was watching her from his bed, he noticed.

Klaus promises her that once he's finished with whatever he's doing she will have is undivided attention. Klaus steps forward and points out that it was Tyler's intent to kill him and that it's unfair of Caroline to hate him for driving him away in response. Hayley tells them there's another option. Hayley is tired of the stress of the Mikaelson life, which includes Klaus and she complains about all he has done to her, them and everyone else Klaus has affected negatively. Though she enjoyed one hell of a goodbye with Marcel Is it hot in here?! Klaus catches up to her, and reveals that Rebekah has already rescued Matt from the safe.

In All My Children , Damon concocted a plan to try and get Elena out of harms way by trying to find a loophole; If one were to stab an original, all four would fall excluding Klaus.

Towards the end of the episode, after Hayley invites the pack to live at the compound, Klaus asks if they are running a kennel. Hayley was shown to be intrigued by this information and demanded to know if he was serious, as finding a connection to her biological family was not a joke to her.

Klaus then walked into the room, and fed Tyler Elena's blood - that's when he and Caroline saw each other for the first time. Important Links About Us Privacy Policy. Their main priority is to protect Hope. Stefan informs them that the witches are linked and that Bonnie is going to kill them.

The Originals 3x16 Klaus Hayley Bar Scene (Klayley)

Klaus is worried and asks her where she is. She rips the bracelet from her wrist and throws it on the floor. Hayley shows up at the feast as the werewolves' representative, bearing a gift for the Harvest Witches, which includes Davina.

Hayley is infuriated, arrogantly swearing to skin Dahlia alive, however, Dahlia casts a spell that causes her and her pack to slowly transform into their werewolf forms. He asks her to please stay out of trouble in the mean time.

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      Things don't go well for the witches Agnes uses Sophie's link to Hayley to attempt to cause Hayley to miscarry. To Kol Say another word, and I'll tear out your liver.

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