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Hook up voltmeter gauge

Published: 22.04.2017

I have a couple of asshat roommates and I came home from class one day to find a beer can sitting on the car. Usually, the brown wire is the accessory wire and the green or blue wire will be the main power to the ignition.

AmericanMuscle is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $49! How to Install an Auto Meter Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite Voltmeter Gauge Sign up. Connect With.

Charles M Previous Slide Next Slide. Back track all of the wiring from when the Amp was installed. If you put it on ACC, it would kick out during cranking, but will show charging. Plug the positive wire into a positive input in the fuse box and crimp them together.

When you think about the number of sensors that your engine has, it seems like there is an endless amount of gauges that can be installed to monitor their readings.

You should find several going up behind the dashboard and into the steering column. If you put it on ACC, it would kick out during cranking, but will show charging. That will all depend on the vehicle and it is up to the user to find a place to ground the wire. After starting engine, check wiring connections for hot spots.


If unit is to be installed on a high vibration application such as a full race engine or engine capable of high RPM, it is strongly recommended that the sender be remote mounted to either the fenderwell or firewall, to insulate from vibration. Craftsman Digital Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter Voltmeter Ohmeter When taking off the needles to the gauges, The first step in this program is to obtain Thinking back, I had the same ground loop issue with the trans temp gauge sender.

The ammeter measures the amount of current to the battery whereas the volt gauge measures continuous battery voltage.

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