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Tattoos of the moon and stars

Published: 15.05.2017

People who are into science believe that mood came about into existence due to the crash of a planet on to earth many years ago. The image of a moon and several stars strung together into a tattoo design will also appeal to quite a few just because of their whimsical and flirty sense.

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With her cool rays and soothing look, the moon is definitely a motherly presence. A very nice forearm piece. Great placement of this moon tattoo! Since the moon is closer to the sky and thereby the heavens it is not wrong to associate with divinity and other related aspects.

Maybe a cabin somewhere?

Star tattoos can be done with different colors. Regardless of location, I love the art deco detailing. My Blue Moon Tattoo. She needs to wear tube tops all the time so that everyone can see this masterpiece!

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My Tattoo Meanings

Mouseover to see this author's bio. This little lady is so cute! I love the dripping effect and the little spatters! There are lots of star tattoo designs which can be inked any part of body. It is also seen as the ruler over the senses and emotions.

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