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Dating antique furniture by dovetail

Published: 05.04.2017

Dovetails -- A Clue for Dating Antiques Antique Marks: Shingled condominium open Sunday in Russian Hill One-bedroom condo in Hayes Valley open Sunday.

Dovetails - A Clue for Dating Antiques. Dovetail joints often hold two boards it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type.

Glues of the period sometimes weakened. To do so it must incorporate some type of suspension mechanism to allow it to travel in and out of the case. From the mid 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century a series of experimental, machine made drawer joints appeared, including the Knapp joint and the finger joint but the winner was the machine made dovetail joint.

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The next technological development in joinery was again American. Don't be fooled by plywood! Simpler country furniture often had larger dovetails, or even a single tail and pin. Steam power, transferred by pulleys and leather belts, operated saws, carving machines and routers that could copy an original pattern exactly. A drawer is a fairly difficult thing to build when you get right down to it.

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      Furniture Repair Furniture Legs Types Of Furniture Furniture Styles Vintage Furniture Design Classic Furniture Furniture Upholstery Queen Anne Furniture Queen Anne Chair Forward.

      Richard_Hamsik - 17.04.2017 in 18:37

      The style never caught on outside North American and was gradually abandoned in favor of the classic dovetail. What is the furniture made of?

      Mark_Bakster - 21.04.2017 in 00:04

      Check the attic, basement, garage, or wherever unwanted furniture has collected. If the wood shows circular or arc-shaped marks, it was cut by a circular saw, not in use until about

      Bruno_Reez - 27.04.2017 in 16:54

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      Nina_Vasilivna - 04.05.2017 in 09:22

      Testing a finish isn't always possible in a dealer's showroom, but if you can manage it, identify the finish before you buy. But because the same woods have always been favored for furniture, workmanship and finish are probably a better indicator of age than the wood itself.

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