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Dating a financial advisor

Published: 12.04.2017

Never mind that he uses annual average returns rather than annualized returns. Except in the case of the BOZO whobstates that he has only met one advisor that knows more than him and than rambles on about some high yield hedge that he cut and pasted form kiplingers….

Read all the fine print and make sure you understand if your investment product has any type of surrender charge attached to it.

9 Things Financial Advisers Don’t Want You to the right financial adviser is a lot like dating. out there calling themselves financial advisors.

With over 21 years of experience and 2 exams passed, Marlon maintains the following registrations:. Why do girls think it's attractive to say they are a virgin? The answer is to focus on the fundamentals.

I was one of two other advisors who were being interviewed, and I gave my traditional spiel.

My boyfriend is controlling? Disability Death of spouse Loss of job Medical Emergency All of the above. Communication is key, let go and just tell him: I worked for a big company for 17 years before I opened up oXYGen Financial.


This is the most obvious red flag. They only consider possible upside value capture in instrument selection and rarely consider downside risk protection. Designations are often earned through required coursework and examinations that test an advisor's knowledge in various specialized areas. Because his father handled your legal work and subsequently referred you to his son to handle the financial planning, I would tread carefully here.

If he is and he's interested, that should be enough to let him know it's okay by you. I would have it no other way.

    1. Max_Wayne - 21.04.2017 in 07:56

      Also, some life insurance agents or reps from other industries will imply they provide financial expertise — advising seniors on retirement, for example — as part of their marketing strategy. He learned from them, so if they had dark pasts, chances are so will he or she.

      Daniil_Mayhew - 29.04.2017 in 00:21

      We will not share your information with anyone but the advisors who are matched to your financial preferences. I was in shock.

      Genri_Fol - 29.04.2017 in 07:26

      I called him after Christmas and told him and during our conversation I had other stuff to ask him as well I told him "You won the bet" sooo he said "well, we'll call it a gentlemen's bet and I said "No, I stand by my bets" I was hoping for a reason to suggest a drink" and then I said "Ok, how 'bout I take you out for a drink" instead and he said "NO, I'll take YOU out for a drink, I don't normally let a girl buy me a drink". Anne Brennan is a writer at The Fiscal Times.

      Alexander_Belov - 08.05.2017 in 05:12

      Get out of their office fast. New York, NY August November United States Army Ft Hamilton Brooklyn, NY September January

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