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Heroes of the storm matchmaking problem

Published: 27.01.2017

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For Heroes of the Storm on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "matchmaking is pretty much broken your matchmaking is, you're going to have problems.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Device ID:

If you're in a pre-made team in the queue, HotS matchmaking tries to match you with a team of a similar size. Also I restarted my PC and the game many times but its not helped. If you're queuing solo, you have a pretty good chance of being put onto a team with a 3 or 4 man party, and you'll be playing against a similar composition.

I loved this game so much and I recently decided to just stop playing it until changes are made. Blizzard has run simulations in the new system using live data, and Browder said those simulations show games being much better matched.

Is Heroes Of The Storm Broken? - The Problem With The MMR System

Destiny 2, Marvel vs Capcom and more. It says "waiting for game mode download to complete" but nothing is downloading and I can't find anyway to fix it. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

To complete our combo, Murky doesn't benefit much from healing. Is there anybody who has had this problem or has some usefull tips for this problem? Hey CH3COOH, There is something working in the background Bliz but hasn't stated exactly what it is.

    1. Slack_Dop - 30.01.2017 in 17:54

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      Mark_Smith - 06.02.2017 in 16:28

      Browder reiterated that the intent is to launch the new matchmaker within the next two to three weeks, though he stressed that this is "an intent, not a promise. AI quest progress correctly.

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