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Dating someone much younger than you

Published: 26.04.2017

He's spontaneous, sometimes unrealistic, and happy-go-lucky. Going the other way, if I dated someone 17 years older than me now, she might be in a wheelchair or have a foot in the grave, but as long as she named me in her will

Tim Robberts / Getty Images Dating & Sex 9 Myths About Dating Someone Younger Than You Age ain't nothing but a number.

I mean if u totally click with someone then age is trivial. Yes, and I know several people who are married to someone with bigger difference than that. Pros what in the serious fuck? After 11 years, I love him. On the flip side.. One woman I used to work with was 61 married to a 42 year old man. But it can also serve as a nice reminder that your age doesn't have to dictate a certain personality.

Older dudes sometimes complain to me at least that the older women they know are too sedentary and set in their ways.

Hi Serenity , You hit the nail on the head when you said your ex THOUGHT OLD. Is dating someone younger than you a good idea and if not why?? My Bf is 6. All my relationships have been younger, but if it is too much of an age difference more than 10years it can be a lot of work Thinking Man Active Fashion and Style Relationships The Filter Instant Expert Why Not Get Moving?


There May Be A Scientific Reason You're Literally Disgusted With Republicans Sept. Falling for someone is a process that comes with all kinds of questions along the way. UNTIL HE FINDS THE YOUNG WOMEN OF HIS DREAMS.. Their perspectives will likely surprise you! Time is an irreversable aspect of life used to measure change. After 11 years, I love him.

    1. SaneK_Miacc - 27.04.2017 in 19:44

      I mean, there's so much to learn from the other person, in terms of outlook, perspective and lifestyle.

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