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Dating nurse co worker

Published: 04.03.2017

Seems I was dating the "nursing" player in the facility. Jan 9, '08 by PMHNP10, ADN, BSN, MSN, NP.

I'm just curious what others would think of this situation. A nurse manager is dating a CNA at the LTC facililty I work at. They are both wonderful people. Of course.

I see it as a boundary violation, albeit an entertaining one. Switch with a co-worker. We got to know each other a bit more and the more I learned the more I was interested. It started off innocently enough, with subtle flirting, lingering glances, big smiles when passing in the hall, and her fake punching me as a greeting still don't get that one, but from what I hear it's a good thing? I was a new hire, she had been there a couple years. We kept our romance secret to the point that we still have to lie to people about our anniversary. The "at work" part is unfortunate.

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Rose Dear Nancy replies: I think it's a bad idea for a supervisor to date someone they supervise. Then a few days later,as I've tried to tone things down from my end i. What if they were dating before she came to the clinic, and how does that affect the prescription-writing aspect of this scenario? All products featured were editorially selected.

Every Nurse has that ONE coworker

I have plenty of "friends" who I could see turning into more at work Sections Code Happy App Code Happy Blog. Would you date a nurse? Aug 6, '10 by nerdtonurse? In my country if a nurse is involved with a coworker esp.

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