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Published: 25.05.2017

Pull over at the closest gas station and decide what you want in a future spouse. Although I have been eating Doritos, now that Miss Alabama is over, I do not feel what I felt in my dream. Get weekly blog articles direct to your email inbox Be the first to read new articles every Tuesday.

Being a single Christian in today's world continues to be increasingly difficult. It hurts my heart every time I hear one of my single friends say, "I'm.

Many people may view competing in the Miss Alabama Pageant as a beauty contest and believe me if that was the case, our lives the contestants would be much easier. Unfortunately many ignore that rule completely and create accounts anyway. So whatever the case with your kids, whether it be they have a rebellious streak or occasionally succumb to peer pressure, or they just want to fit in and be liked, the biggest thing you can do as a parent is be engaged.

Receive a daily list of shows picked for you. I knew where to meet people. Here are 10 important principles for Christian dating. I am extremely excited for Christmas and the New Year.

Have healthy conversations with your kids about the good and bad components of social media. Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors. Blog RSS Leslie Farnsworth: We teach about and discuss STDs, unplanned pregnancies, condoms, etc.

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      Are they going to give in?

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