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Do link and zelda ever hook up

Published: 30.01.2017

And she is never useless. It just goes to show that humans really do try to create order to everything there is. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask , you will find that the consensus is Zelda is ugly and Link should hook up with Malon!

Does link marry zelda? I Want to Know. User Info: 87964. I wonder if Ganon ever thought about trying to hook Link up with someone at one point to defeat him?Reviews: 73.

Firstly, on a purely logical basis, offering the absence of something cannot constitute proof for the presence of something else. SInce it supposedly takes place in the child timeline after MM and Link II is a rancher, it could be implied that Link I and Malon hooked up years before. However, OoT ending does leave you wandering. The Elder Scrolls V Why's it gotta be a girl? This old argument again?

Welcome to Die wrote:

Link is Zeldas brother! Past games have had such disastrous representations of the character that, a few years back, there was a theory circling Zelda Informer that Link was actually gay , which is why he so ignored her romantic appeals to him continuously throughout the series. Then I realized marketing uses those acronyms for different things.

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Breath of the Wild - Kass Sidequest FINALE! Link & Zelda's Relationship Explored!

What's more, his name can be whatever we want. I think what I have a problem with is the notion that the lack of a qualified hint of romance, or at least ambiguous hints of romance, shows that the game designers did not intend a romance between the characters. You even have other characters comment on the two. Zelda and Link's connection in SS is hadnled well in its own right, but then there's the nature of how little else is put into perspective compared to the more supporting character-driven arcs of TP, as well as all of SS' other flaws in its storytelling that can be summed up as the villain and the sidekick, but I digress.

    1. Artyom_Slow - 08.02.2017 in 20:11

      How a hug is romantic or sexual I fail to see.

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