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Adult theatre sex stories

Published: 07.02.2017

The man pulled his pants on and walked away. When we get to my home I take her to the bathroom, gently strip her clothes away, rub her body head to toe, feeling the evidence of her wild night still drying on her, then I slowly wash her body with a soapy wash cloth and we head to the hot tub where we re live our evening, tease each other, tempt each other until finally I take her, hard and rough, making her mine all over again.

Matt began watching the man as he stroked his hard inch cock.

Hall pass over, Susan has a busy, submissive Sunday Susan tests her loyalty to Master James at an adult theater. Multiple guys cover me in cum. A young woman wants a.

Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. At first it's trying to poke through my cheek but I turn slightly and can feel it trying to probe my throat as I try and relax my muscles so I don't gag too soon. I wasn't sure how interested he would be in them as they had cum on both by now. I had chosen a tight fitting tank top tonight that was almost opaque, but my nipples could be made out in the right kind of light. Matt began to stroke the erect cock, and it really turned him on.

Had so much fun we had to go back.

Us regulars had different plans. He related that the group was regular here and they kind of initiated new-cummers by gang banging them. If you enjoyed this story, share it! Another man slid to my other side, and the first man turned me towards him and asked if I liked what I saw and enjoyed the feel of my ass being played with.

The story is well written, too, which is important -- too many stories that ought to be good get ruined by poor writing, spelling, grammar, and organization. Back to the Sex Stories - Visit XNXX.

Erotic Theater

Then he turned me around and asked if anyone wanted a BJ from a "newbe. His hands were roaming over my legs almost immediately. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Sharing the MILF List Ch.

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      About that time I felt a hand settle on my right shoulder from behind. With my arm around her I began to kiss her, stroking her body over her clothes and passing the flask between us, I enjoy teasing her a bit, calming her some before getting too wild.

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