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Alesis 3630 hook up

Published: 14.05.2017

Easier to use gate great for miking drums by the way. This unit requires practice and patience but can perform.

Jul 08, 2008 · Hey guys I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to compressors. How do I hook up my Alesis 3630 into Behringer XENYX 1204 Mixer. Thanks for any help.

Then you plug the insert cable into the insert jack of the channel you want to compress. Lots of knobs and switches is no substitute for sounds quality. You can also choose between RMS and Peak compression styles, plus Hard and Soft Knee dynamic curves for every application from subtle gain control to in-your-face punch. I tweaked it for about fifteen minutes and got a great compression ratio. This type of signal processing can be used as an effect e. Displaying reviews Back to top.

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Yes, the more expensive units are better, but you cant beat it for beginning musicians. I THINK I GET THE MESSAGE. Process the signal to be "ducked" e. As an independent dual-channel compressor, the offers separate controls for two different source signals.

Alesis 3630 Sidechain House Music

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Oh no - here we go again Important Safety Instructions There were at least 3 major design revisions - mine works pretty good, except it picks up a bit of power hum.

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      For those who don't already know this, here's why:

      Sergo_Waletto - 20.05.2017 in 13:46

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      Page 7 Important Safety Instructions For frequency-dependent limiting applications that involve plugging into another signal processor, a special stereo-to-dual-mono cord is required, as shown below.

      Alex_Markin - 05.06.2017 in 04:46

      For stereo signals use both channels, for mono signals just use one channel.

      Sanya_Kakawa - 14.06.2017 in 11:07

      I was previously using a Behringer comp that i thought was doing a great job at keeping lead vocals tight and clean.

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