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Is a 7 inch penis a good size

Published: 26.04.2017

The following is information from an apparently well-conducted study using a large sample of thousands of young adults; use the following link to see the entire report. Don't post porn for porn's sake.

How is a 7 inch length "decent"? girl thinks. 7 inches is pretty big, it is a good size, studies done on penis size. I would of thought 7 inches was slightly.

Aug 24, Messages:

Used to be now Saying a guy is big or impressive or huge can lead to pressure to have sex. Is 7 inch penis good for 15 year a old? Do not post content you would post to a porn subreddit here, content that looks like it could have come out of a sex-ed class or raunchy comedy is preferred.

Is Your Penis the Right Size?

Is that normally a problem with a 7 incher? We don't have a size limit. Don't have an account? Of course you'll get upvotes here because that's the kind of sub this is, but it's really a lame thing to say and there isn't backing for it.

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