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Been dating a guy for 6 months

Published: 29.05.2017

He Says he likes me , but am beginning to feel like a booty call, the sex is great, cos that is the part of the relationship that works best. All night he was txting me and asking me what i am doing and to come over and he wants me to over.

Ritz, I think you are right to be suspicious and I think you need to go with your gut.

Jan 18, 2009 · If you have been dating someone for 6 months, talk every day, saw each other 2-4 times a week, have a toothbrush at .

Jas Oh I think a guy who really wants you will have no qualms calling you his girlfriend. Whats going to happen to us? Distance yourself from this one. If i said for break up… he didnt reply for that…. We talked about everything.

Best of luck, Doctor Charles V. The best part is that there is NO DRAMA! He holds my hand in public, has introduced me to his best and most close and personal friends, and the few family members he has that live in this state. Thank you for your explanation, I appreciate it, Is there any thing else that you feel I should be aware of. During his last semester in college one of his family members commented to me that she expected and was soooo looking forward to our nuptials next in the near future.


At the end of the weekend, he was still unsure and so I said it was best if we went our seperate ways. Am I Doomed to Be Alone Forever? At least we can leave and move on. I guess you could give him an ultimatum.

And if not, use your God given free will and move on.

    1. Joe_Eazy - 02.06.2017 in 21:46

      I just met this guy not Upto a month,I like him. It's basically if both parties are getting what they want.

      Ivan_Parhomenko - 09.06.2017 in 14:43

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