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Low maintenance girl

Published: 07.01.2017

She has no patience for you when you can't make a simple freaking decision. Shopping with your friends is the absolute worst, because they go to every store and try on every.

29 Freeing Truths Of Being A Low-Maintenance Girl Not to be confused with being lazy.

Some people call high maintenance girls bitchy and low maintenance girls lazy, but that's utter shite. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp Share. She has no patience for you when you can't make a simple freaking decision. Does it hurt when you first have SeX?

Everyone should take a page out of her book because self-validation is seriously the most amazing way to go! They go with the flow and won't break their fellas bank account with all this "fine dining" shit. Good luck with that. How Human Trafficking Reached Into My Home And Almost Took My Daughter. She invests in her friends, family and loved ones but expects them to treat her with class and respect. They will buy the "worn" look jeans instead of wearing old ones.

High Maintenance Girl

Go to mobile site. Think of The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of A Shopaholic , Elle Woods from Legally Blonde - all very high maintenance.

Share On reddit Share On reddit. Please draw a diagram of what that is on this napkin and speak slowly. And that doesn't mean you should cut back on the romance , either. Only if she didn't nag when we were bumpin' uglies.

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