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Dating limoges france marks

Published: 06.01.2018

This was especially a practice used in England. Factory mark used after

Limoges porcelain marks, used between 1870 and 2001. Marks of Redon, Haviland, Guérin, LeGrand, Goumot-Labesse and many more. Limoges marks and dates.

Holly Lane Antiques July 31, at 5:

Item OS St. There is yet a third mark -- Otco Bavaria Germany. They move away from the quaint dinnerware toward decorative accessories such as vases, trays, and tankards which generally feature more vivid coloration and an abundance of decorative gold trim. No information about the age of this mark or pattern.

1960 Limoges, France

The factory was originally founded in by Brunt, Bloor, and Martin. Newer mark used The added words to the mark are Heinrich-Elfenbein-Porcellan, Eigentum Der Deutschen, Zeppelin-Reedereo. Pat Justice in Flower Mound, Texas, received this pretty coffee set for Christmas and shared pictures with us as an example of Arnart products bottom mark.

The France CA mark is the factory mark.

    1. Jony_Kosa - 11.01.2018 in 11:21

      There is yet a third mark -- Otco Bavaria Germany.

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