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What does white label dating mean

Published: 27.03.2017

Its origins can be traced to vinyl records. Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and Originally Posted by Bradley J Anderson.

White-label product. A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

The only thing you will need to manage is your own landing page. You simply focus on driving your audience to your branded landing page, through your own advertising channels. I originally launched as a free dating website. White label White label records are vinyl records with adhesive plain white labels affixed. If you want to know the affiliate program that makes me the most money, send me a PM and I will send you my affiliate link for that program so that I can earn a little bit of money on what you generate promoting the same network. Today, white labels are usually produced in small amounts by small record companies or DJs and are most popular with house music and hip-hop DJs.

MLA Chicago APA "white label.

Signature See you at the Warrior Conference in Orlando! This is also a full time job if your site grows large enough. LOGIN HOW IT WORKS REVENUE SHARE BENEFITS BLOG CONTACT SITE MAP TERMS OF SERVICE. Getting a member to leave one site and sign up for another is difficult as it is, but this still falls under the con category.

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Businesses, such as banks, use white label services such as credit card processing when they do not have such services in house. A product or service, especially common in the in the financial sector, where the provider of the service purchases a fully supported product from another source, then applies its own brand and identity to it, and sells it as its own product.

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      Some companies maintain a sub-brand for their goods, for example the same model of DVD player may be sold by Dixons as a Saisho and by Currys as a Matsui , which are brands exclusively used by those companies. Unique content and features — Goes along with the full customization aspect.

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