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Marriage not dating kdrama

Published: 27.03.2017

I want to watch this drama again and again. Marriage Not Dating is directed by Song Hyun Wook, a versatile show runner who fans will remember for his work on varied dramas like Another Oh Hae Young and Brain , and is written by small screen debutant Joo Hwa Mi.

Semperlei Sep 02 2017 4:28 am My 2nd time to watch this and still loving every single of it!!! one of the best rom com kdrama i've ever watched! very funny and.

MoRin Apr 27 7: It has a really nice ambience. Edit this Page Edit Information. I hope there is some extra moment or epilog for last scene. Gunn Aug 27 1: The very reason why this drama gives a big impact to me because the actors and actresses act naturally you would really laugh out loud with those funny scenes because the artist were great in portraying it. DramaFever's current library includes Korean Dramas, Latin American Telenovelas, and a wide selection of Asian TV shows and movies for free.

It seems exciting and enjoyable..

My fave episode so far when Ki tae slipped and fallout in bathroom, buahahhahahhaha after story when Jang mi had to get piggybacking!!!!!

Definitely worth watching, I enjoyed every minute of it so far. I want to watch this drama again and again. Han Groo and Woo Jin really hit it well A Couch Kimchi Roundtable.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 9 All Kiss Scenes Cut

Best Combinations in Kdramaland Six Quintessential Korean Summer Dramas. Sora Aug 17 5: I still prefer Hoon Dong even though at the beginning he was bad and sucks.. I really love the chemistry of gi tae and jang mi, they are so cute together that is why I hope to see them togethervin other dramas.

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