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Dating a guy whos never had a girlfriend

Published: 30.11.2017

I understand that dating can be fun, but, really, aren't most of us just looking for our match? If not, you might find more success in primarily pursuing women who are close to your age, if not a bit older.

You probably don't want to date every girl you know, do you?

Reply to this Question. Share: Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Add your answer to this question! A female reader.

One step at a time. Best dating pool is , after that it really sux fast. Maybe you're ahead of the curve by not playing the game. Sex was also a worry. Most people your age are not going to want to teach you how to kiss etc I know you don't need someone else to validate your existence, and I certainly don't want a girlfriend just for the sake of saying I have one, but I gotta admit, every now and then it'll bum me out late at night thinking about it, or when I go to the theater and see couples there.

I met one of these to only find out he had been in Prison for murdering 2 people. Also close this question. You should get out of your comfort zone Robert! I guess that is our punishment for not having kids and enduring childbirth right?

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Also, he's very open to learn, plus there are no "bad habits" to break, so to speak, and we get to figure it out together. I can understand having a few relationships and NOT wanting one again that is the point I am at. This is my biggest fear as a guy who has only had one relationship 4 months in high school 4 years ago? We are not talking a relationship here.

Once you have some recent experience, you can tell women about that if asked. Couldn't the same thing be true, where I lose someone perfect me because I wasn't playing the game?

    1. Alex_Kuts - 06.12.2017 in 14:28

      If he's responding well to the growth of your relationship then you should be fine. You do it with confidence.

      Mihail_Kazancev - 11.12.2017 in 14:42

      In my case, my first boyfriend now ex had his first serious relationship with me. The smarter girls will have avoided pregnancy or marriage to one of those trolls, and will reevaluate their own thinking and behavior.

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