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How do i hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend

Published: 13.02.2017

Dating Techniques , Seduction FAQ. Don't just flirt over text or send her Facebook messages if you actually want to get somewhere.

Girl who already has a boyfriend and still hook up to pick up a girl who has a boyfriend and to attract a girl who already has a boyfriend.

If it does end up that she's interested in me over the boyfriend, I don't want to be in that situation of cheating on the boyfriend, so I'll talk with her then and figure out what's going on and if she's not willing to break up with him, I will move on. And I ain't playing no fawkin games either. I am not interested in the drama that comes with helping to end someone's relationship. If it turns out she's very serious and not interested in breaking up with the guy in the slightest, I'll back up. This whole "let me make my new love serious before I leave the first" says the girl is a total loose one. On the ride home, I have my arm around her and she gives me her digits even though both she and her friend told me she has a boyfriend.

When you will become closer to her then you will get to know that she has few flaws in her relationship which makes her sad. I've had platonic female friends my entire life. Broke it off then and there, but then she comes around the next day and the day after that, I was a young and stupid freshmen in college and hadn't dated much in high school, so I had the thought "if she want's it and is working for it, it must mean something right?

If you physically hook up with her, recognize that there will be consequences. I am a competitive person except for that. Sources and Citations http:

What to SAY if she has a boyfriend

And it's really douchey to flirt with people while in a relationship. But I don't understand it. Don't get stuck in the Friend Zone. Know which girls are just not worth talking to.

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      If you care enough to wait for her, disregard Method 2.

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