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T-ara soyeon dating scandal

Published: 08.01.2017

Netizen buzz is there any articles about siwan's new movie? At their showcase for th….

The scandal occurred this past September, but MBK Entertainment quickly denied that the two were dating, saying, "T-ara's Soyeon and Shota Tezuka are not yet dating.

They way the comment is written makes her sound like the devil like get a grip netizen your prob worse to just assume shit from articles I have no idea what she has done.

Ikkkaa March 21, at It's a good thing that soyeon can date in peace. Am i the only one who don't like macarons? They've been dating for over 3 yrs now. I think he warrants whatever praise he's getting but I also think Soyeon doesn't deserve the amount of hate she's getting, but that's how it is in Korea, one bad scandal or rumor and you're forever tainted, it doesn't even have to be true.

Soyeon's been in a secret relationship with Oh Jong Hyuk --a former member of the popular earlys boy band, Click B-- for three years now. HWAYOUNG and T-ARA have 'moved on' from their 4 YEARS OLD 'controversy. Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE! Oops sorry I got confused with the spelling lol.

Co-ed group KARD opened up about how hard it was to film romantic scenes with each other in their music video for "You in Me". Soyeon is so ugly that i have never seen for a world famous bully!

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